/*PenDragn: Straight From Karl Rove to You More Phony Science: Iraq War Naysayers May Have Hindsight Bias*/


Straight From Karl Rove to You More Phony Science: Iraq War Naysayers May Have Hindsight Bias

Actually there were specific statements that said that invading Iraq would actually cause al Qaeda and anti-American (and other members of the Coalition of the Willing) terrorism to get a boost.

The president's own father wrote about how bad an idea invading Iraq would be.

But Vendantam puts his stamp of scientific approval on exactly what Karl Rove would like you to believe. That you didn't know you knew and you don't know much at all.

If that sounds like the sad comments you get on your blogs from neocons, you are getting smarter already.

Getting scientists to produce 'science' that validated the Third Reich was a specialty of Hitler's people.

In neo Stalinist Soviet Union those dissidents who were too famous to put in the Gulag, were deemed "crazy" and sent to asylyms.

But I have to admit, Rove's got them beat.

He just gets his psuedo scientists to declare all naysayers as mentally suspect.

And those racists and haters that see their great plan to control the US and the world to their liking no matter how many innocent people they have to slaughter to do so will repeat repeat and repeat this garbage and catapult the propaganda.

Like roaches they will take this special psuedo science validated by the Washington Post with them to make their pathetic comments on message boards and blogs, and even take it back to their families to bash over the heads of others who disagree with the Republican dream of empire for big business and fat cats.

Paid bloggers and posters will have a field day with this, never noticing as the responses come in about how people did see just such a scenario.

But we thought the Washington Post was taking itself out of the Republican campaign program. People were reading the Post and linking to it more. I guess we were wrong.

Bonus cartoon: Bush, Cheney, and Kissinger