/*PenDragn: Shimkus Blames Pages, Calls Families Unsafe*/


Shimkus Blames Pages, Calls Families Unsafe

Excerpts from Chicago Tribune article disingenuously labeled "Lawmaker defends page program"
The Illinois lawmaker who oversees the Congressional page program said Wednesday that teens who participate are "safer in our program than in a lot of homes."

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) defended his actions as chairman of the page board in an interview with the Tribune on Wednesday, saying he moved quickly to confront former Rep. Mark Foley of Florida based only on information about 2005 e-mail traffic that wasn't sexually explicit.

Shimkus acknowledged he did not ask Foley if there were any other electronic exchanges with pages, such as the sexually suggestive instant messages from 2003 that first surfaced on Friday and led to Foley's swift resignation.

See, even to give this guy the time of day you have to believe that though the pages knew about Foley in 1995, this didn't get around to other House members.

The thing that's frustrating to me is that I'm not the bad guy here," Shimkus said. "Leadership's not the bad guy. The bad guy is whoever had these explicit instant messages that were done in 2003 and held them. That's the bad guy.... because those instant messages are what put these kids at risk."

So the pages themselves are the 'bad' guys, because they are the ones that had the explicit messages. Good Going Shimpkus.

The head of the page board that didn't even notify the other members of the board about the disturbing emails from a former page from La., says that two Florida papers looked into the page program and couldn't find anything else.

But wait. Else came out because of the national outcry when the less disturbing emails were brought to the light of the nation. To do the same thing all by one's lonesome one would need access current and former pages. One would need to be... yes the head or a member of the page board. And the head of the page board kept the information from the other two members. Do you re-member the old saying. Two heads are better than one? Well, is Shimkus is too stupid to figure out how to check out what appears to be predatory behavior quietly among the pages then he should have at least told the other Republican on the board who might have had a real brain in his head.

But instead, Shimkus is blaming pages who received the predatory emails from Representative Foley.

Partial list of Illinois Republican Representatives:

Dennis Hastert
John Shimpkus
Henry Hyde (impeachment investigation head)

Lovely crew.