/*PenDragn: RE: State Dept. Confirms Rice-Tenet Meeting*/


RE: State Dept. Confirms Rice-Tenet Meeting

Excerpt Washington Post article (Title indicated above)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did receive a CIA briefing about terror threats just about two months before the Sept. 11 attacks, but the information was not new, her chief spokesman said.
A new book by reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame describes the White House meeting as an emergency wakeup call that Rice had brushed off. Rice was President Bush's national security adviser at the time and was promoted to the top diplomatic job last year.

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What Condi was doing during important wake-up call meeting.

Drinking 5th wake up latte. It's a hard life being a power Barbie political token.

Making sure there were no runs in her stockings.

Checking makeup.

Gazing out the window. (Why are these guys yammering on about danger. They're supposed to have fixed this by now. They don't expect me to do something do they?)

Announcing that she would go get Saudi Arabia to help out. (If they think I'm going to dirty my pretty hands in such hard work as coordinating something important. I guess they don't understand my position here.)

Planning next shoe shopping adventure, (Mmmm I'll take George. He can look at the cowboy boots and I can look for straps.)

Working out reassuring BS for a response. (Lets see something along the line of: "The great nation of the United States of American will maintain its resolve and will never waver or falter though smoking guns turn into mushroom clouds and nothing important will happen while I sit in the seat of National Security Chief." There that should please those little worms. Oh G**, is that lettuce between my teeth?)

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