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Political Savvy Mickey Kaus Asks RE: Mark Foley:

Excerpt Slate:
did [the House leadership] really have no idea what Foley was up to? Don't these rumors get around the Hill pretty quickly?** It's not like Foley was co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Chil .... oh wait. Someone could maybe have called Foley in and given him the third degree--e.g. about what other emails might be out there. Hastert's aides could have asked Foley to permit a search of his computer. Maybe there were alternative methods of interrogation, or other ways to check out his story.

Like I've said before: In Washington, you only have to admit to knowing that which can be proven you knew.

Obviously the House leadership didn't want to know the extent of Foley's preditory behavior even though underage young people were involved.

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