/*PenDragn: Lots of people want to kill Americans. Including Americans*/


Lots of people want to kill Americans. Including Americans

I am so sorry for the families of these children and everyone involved.

But, a few days ago we were told we need to give up our civil rights, and basically start a jihad on those kinds of Muslims that don't fit in with the new shopping, accumulation, and casual sex empire envisioned by big business and fat cats because some Muslims want to kill us.

But the fact is, that even some Americans want to kill Americans.

We can't control everything even if we do give up all our rights.

Well, I think both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in their prime did boast that they had complete control of their cities so street crime didn't happen, but if you think about it, people were so busy being killed in other ways, including the wars of expansion and deprivation. And I wonder, if they really could have controlled their streets and countrysides without their imperialism, and how much of that was just propaganda anyway.

Everytime I read a new article about the poor children in Lancaster Co., I grab my head as if I can keep the information I just read from being real.

We seldom get such up close and personal accounts of the children and families killed in Iraq. I guess that's by design. So we don't grab our heads and decide this must stop! And of course, now it won't stop there for a long long time. Though the most deaths may not be kids, it is their fathers. Most of us in the US haven't have the experience of losing a father at an early age. It can be quite horrible though, especially in a country with so few resources for the surviving families.

This is the kind of information that Barbara Bush said she wouldn't be bopthering her "beautiful mind" about.

Maybe we should.

Surely, today's tragedy is a 'imitative slaying' after the one in Colorado, but where does it start? Possibly when the president's men decide it's okay to kill hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants of a country that did not threaten us because Exxon Mobil (according to Republican insider Kevin Phillips) was salivating over the Majnoon oil fields.