/*PenDragn: John Bolton is Responsible for Most of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons (if they have any)*/


John Bolton is Responsible for Most of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons (if they have any)

And BTW, the temporary UN ambassador's nomination will most likely come up again after the November election at which time Lincoln Chafee's objections should have melted like snow just like the Republicans' objections over CAFTA in 2004 did.

From an April 2005 article from the late Jude Wanniski (who died in late August of that year according to reports)

President Clinton had bilateral talks with Pyongyang that seemed to be bearing fruit, but as soon as the Bush administration began, an excuse was found to break off the talks, and ever since we have hewed to that policy.


at the outset of the Bush administration, Secretary of State Colin Powell seemed eager to continue those talks, but all of a sudden the Undersecretary of State for Non-Proliferation, John Bolton, threw a monkeywrench into that worthy diplomatic effort. The talks were suspended in March 2001, and in his State of the Union Address in 2002, the President labeled North Korea one of the three legs of the "Axis of Evil."

It was Bolton who was the source of the assertion that North Korea had secretly been enriching uranium in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and that it had admitted as much to an American diplomat at a cocktail party in Pyongyang.

I'm afraid Bolton had to know this was baloney, but it served his purpose. To this day, North Korea denies it had ever engaged in a uranium enrichment process and there is no evidence that it ever has. It has, though, openly acknowledged that it has been mining uranium, which it uses in its two nuclear power plants that use natural uranium as fuel, natural uranium having no use in a nuclear weapons program.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is now digging away at reports Bolton behind-the-scenes manipulated the intelligence process in order to promote the right-wing foreign-policy agenda. Sure he did that. But the Committee has yet to take notice that over the years he has manipulated the press corps, including the Washington Bureau of the NYTimes, into spreading the word that the "Axis of Evil" is secretly working on nukes, when none of the three – Iraq, Iran or North Korea – were doing so.

Interestingly, Wanniski also notes:

while one of the easier things to make is a nuke with highly enriched uranium, one of the most difficult things in the world to make is a nuke with plutonium. Gordon Prather, the expert in this sort of thing, tells me to do so the North Koreans would have had to assemble the equivalent of the Manhattan Project team.

I didn't know that.

But now through John Bolton and the rest of the Bush administration loyalists NK either does have nuclear arms or is bluffing again, instead of negotiating.

Meantime, how long until NK in desperation sells some of their very real enriched plutonium from pre agreed framework? (Searching in the Congressional Record I found a speech by Pete Forney in March 1993 talking about NK's request to withdraw from the Nuclear nonproliferation treaty. That raised fears, not only of having diverted plutonium from their heavier than water nuclear plant, but also NK intending to make a nuclear weapon.

March 1993 was 6 weeks into Clinton's tenure, but the neocons have been trying to pin some secret new North Korea nuclear program on "Clinton" though there never was proven or admitted to be anything beside the plutonium created by the heavier than water plant built under Bush 41 (You woudn't know it from the pathetic mainstream news we get that pushed the Bush adminsitration's line about a second program until it has stuck in Americans' minds just like the neocons wanted). (That's mainstream news in general. Mostly newspapers are doing better than TV news especially local pablum offered up as such. Also, not being able to read every report on NK thoroughly in every paper, I'm not going to point fingers at any particular paper.)

More on that cocktail party chatter:
in October 2002, an anonymous State Department munchkin told a few media sycophants that some anonymous DPRK official had "admitted" to him at a cocktail party that the DPRK had a clandestine uranium-enrichment program, built right under the noses of the IAEA.

Result? We promptly canceled the fuel-oil shipments to DPRK, thereby abrogating the Agreed Framework. The DPRK then withdrew from the NPT and resumed operation of its plutonium-producing reactor and plutonium recovery facility.
From Gordon Prather's A Radical Change in North Korea Policy

The result a much more dangerous world where NK may be seeking to sell their plutonium to the highest bidder or developing nuclear arms themselves. And now they've announced that they will test a nuclear weapon.

I remember when we had competent people in government. It was nice. One could go fishing and not worry that some major threat or catastrophe would have happened by the time one got home.


The United States called North Korea's statement a "provocative action" and an "unacceptable threat to peace and stability."

And the invasion of Iraq was?


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