/*PenDragn: Isn't the White House Amazing?*/


Isn't the White House Amazing?

Don't you just love those guys and gals.

First they drain the American taxpayer to use for their political aides.

Then they bully witnesses and people involved with previous actions to say they didn't do what they did.

Then they bully news sources to release and release and release their side and their point of view.

Of course Republicans all over the country are doing the same thing.

They can control the mainstream news media because of the way they will do what big business wants. They also control half the blogosphere.

And then they use taxpayer money to use for focus groups etc. to make up their propaganda like we find in White House Lists Book's 'Five Key Myths'

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing taxpayer money being spent big time to make the Bush administration and other Republicans look good. How about you?

To allow this to continue just vote Republican or don't vote at all.


You know what ya' gotta do Cowboy (or girl).