/*PenDragn: GOP Crafting Bills to Give Election Boost for their People*/


GOP Crafting Bills to Give Election Boost for their People

Is this the kind of Congress you want?

Anything for a vote!

Is it fair? Who cares?

Is it good for the country?

Who cares?

Make it a law and put some Republican's name on it so the Rs can maintain control of the Congress and finish the process of putting our nation under the control of fat cats and big business. (They've done such a good job so far.)

What the Post is saying:

In a bid to help embattled incumbents win tough reelection campaigns in November, House Republican leaders last week muscled through more than 165 bills that their members can use to win over voters back home -- and deflect attention from the scandals they left behind in Washington.


Dozens of the made-to-order bills that flew through the House bear the names of the endangered lawmakers, from Pennsylvania Rep. Jim Gerlach's Open Space and Farmland Preservation Act to Connecticut Rep. Christopher Shays's reauthorization of the HOPE VI housing program, to measures to preserve Native American languages and assist in water planning for Rep. Heather A. Wilson (R-N.M.).

"If you've got people with must-do pieces of legislation, you want to help them out," said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference.

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