/*PenDragn: Why is David Ignatius Ducking the Truth?*/


Why is David Ignatius Ducking the Truth?

David Inatius runs by the old BS that Democrats have no plans for changing the war in Iraq.

In the first place they've already tried to get changes by getting Rumsfeld out. Rumsfeld is well known as a big part of the problem in Iraq. The troops need competant leadership.

Secondly, Ingatius, ignores what Democrats have been saying because his neocon heart knows that the American press won't tell Americans what Democrats have been saying. So the Republicans can play the game that Democrats have no plans.

I suppose that the newspapers complicity with neocons in blocking Democratic arguments is so that political figures will be forced to buy advertising space, but it stinks like old garbage.

Thirdly, a group led by James Baker III and Lee Hamilton recently spent time studying the problem of what to do now. When they came back they only had one suggestion to offer and said they would be leaving the rest until after the election, thereby withholding vital information, of course, probably on the direction of the Bush administration.

Therefore, on the one hand the Bush administration is withholding information on the best way to go about winning peace in Iraq, and on the other Rove's favorite columnists are saying that the Democrats should already know what the best and brightest won't release. In fact though as we saw earlier, not even the NIE released in April made it to House members until this week because of a computer "snafu" if you believe that BS.

And finally, Ignatius repeats the old saw about Democrats wanting to leave tomorrow which is patently untrue. They want to get out as soon as decently possible but without leaving the incredible mess that Bush and Rumsfeld have so far created.

As we know, the same charges were lodged at John Kerry in 2004 by neocon writers and Rove thinks these lies will work forever now so his buddies use them over and over again.


It was the Iraqi legislature that wanted the US to give them a timeline for withdrawal.

And according to The Hill, it's Curt Weldon (R PA)who
has drafted a resolution that would give military commanders — instead of President Bush or Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld — decision-making authority over when American troops should return home.

But lets not let the facts get in the way of advancing your career by playing the neocon game, right Mr. I?

BTW, check out Weyant's cartoon at The Hill.

BTW, I just noticed another WP article Mr. I.

Did you see this one? Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show