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Why Does This Fall Seem So Much Like Previous Election years?

Suddenly the Bush administration is verified by mainstream news sources as not having evil intentions over Iran after all.

They might even let the nation have nuclear energy, though the whole September 30th deadline was about stopping Iran from having nuclear energy.

This is a lot like the fall of 02 when mainstream news analysis promised us that the Bush administration really wouldn't invade Iraq trying to gain a "client state" in our world empire (including as Kevin Phillips, Republican insider, notes grabbing virtual control over massive oil fields for American big oil through grateful Shia proxies). No the Bush administration would work through the UN said mainstream.

I'm not saying that they intentionally mislead us, but they still haven't realized that this administration uses the kind of insider 'leaks' that they think they can trust to mislead and confuse them.

Deep Throat isn't in the garage anymore people.

Another thing no one is saying is that sanctions themselves could require war. It has been shown that India has become more dependent on Iranian oil since 2001 (Mostly due to the US failure to truly secure Afghanistan) leaving 3 huge countries that will not obey economic sanctions on Iran's biggest export, Russia, China, and India. Therefore, military action would have to be taken to impose any sanctions on the nation.

I've been reading many sources on this in the last few days. That's why the writing has been lower. Most war planning and outside analysis shows that any military action ends with an attempt to change the regime with boots on the ground. The smallest action would be retaliated by Iran in a way that would require it.

One has to wonder if the high troop strength in Iraq is just a ploy to keep a invasion level deployment one step away.

Most ominously, last night I read that some of Iran's most valuable oil fields lie right next to Iraq. Could the Bush administration actually think they could just slice a little of Iran off to feed to their Big Oil buddies? Again, remember no scenario ends without hundred of thousands of American troops (some drafted) dead.

I'll get links for you later, but I just wanted to jot this down while mainstream is promising us that the Bush people have suddenly become reasonable, just like they did in 2002 over Iraq.

Luckily there are oped minds like Dan Froomkins that understand some of the false front of the Bush administration.