/*PenDragn: Was it the Official Office or His Campaign That Asked for Inquiry Over Schwarzenegger's Macaca Moment?*/


Was it the Official Office or His Campaign That Asked for Inquiry Over Schwarzenegger's Macaca Moment?

Well, one thing is clear is that the Governor didn't want his racism to be aired in public. Well, maybe (see near end of article for details on how the Governor's campaign team was actually responsible for the exposure.)

But the San Jose Mercury News asks a good question and gets no answer.

And, like with the probe of the Governor's alleged groping, I assume we cannot expect the decency of an answer -- ever.

The CHP confirmed it is ``in the beginnings'' of an investigation into how the audio recording was obtained.

``We don't know if it was a hacker,'' said CHP spokesman Tom Marshall. ``We don't close any doors before an investigation is complete.''

Schwarzenegger apologized last week for the recorded remarks he made to staff aides last spring, in which he referred to the ``hot'' personalities when blacks and Latinos ``mix'' their heritages.

But, the issue took a turn when Schwarzenegger campaign officials Friday began to ask how the recorded conversations landed in the hands of the Los Angeles Times, which first reported the story on its Web site.

It was unclear who prompted the CHP investigation. Marshall said he was unsure whether the governor's office or campaign team asked for the investigation. The governor's office referred all calls on the investigation to the CHP.

How convenient to charge a hacking get the California Highway Patrol involved and then hint that the LA Times might be involved.

But they won't answer the simplest of questions: Who ordered the CHP to investigate this?

The result of the exposure of demeaning language shows all the signs that Karl Rove works in the background on at least some of the campaign problems of the California Governor. We know his campaign people have close ties to White House political staffers. We saw during the last campaign a man working as spokesman for Schwarzenegger that worked for George Bush during his re-election campaign.

But wait a minute, it turns out that the video in question was actually posted in the Governor's website free to the world! (Well, It was there, until it embarassed the man.)
``They want to put it off onto some massive conspiracy theory,'' said Roger Salazar, a state Democratic Party spokesman. ``The governor's office is trying to play up the nefarious angle to deflect attention from their own incompetence -- accidentally posting the recording on its own Web site. And from the recordings themselves.''

Democrats contend that the audio recordings could have been taken off the governor's public Web site, discovered by the Times from an online database of speeches. The Times has not said how it obtained the recording.

Indeed this investigation looks more and more like a Karl Rove set up job.

Since they claim to already have the IP number of the 'hacker' they'd better be sending the authorities to arrest and expose the perp within a week. It is that simple.

We'll be waiting.