/*PenDragn: The US Cut and Ran From Vietnam*/


The US Cut and Ran From Vietnam

Funny that Vietnam should pop back into the mind so much these days. In fact, Dick Nixon cut and run from Vietnam.

For many years Nixon talked like Bush does these days, sounding bitter and edgy and saying the Democratic party wanted to run away from Vietnam.

But when Nixon's political life was draining from him because of the lies he told, the cover ups his staff had committed, and the American civil rights he had breached, Dick Nixon himself cut and ran from the Vietnam battlefields in an effort to save his presidency.

But even before Nixon took office, we were promised for over a decade that if we "cut and ran" from the battlefields of Vietnam that the rest of South East Asia would fall like dominoes under the heal of Socialism. We had to win that war or continue to fight more and more deadly ones to keep the world safe for democracy as "intelligence sources, Dick Nixon and self righteous Republicans told us dumb young people as they got 50k Americans and 3 million Vietnamese killed.

Then, in a major irony, Dick Nixon himself ordered the pullout.

And what happened next?

For one thing those commies in Vietnam invaded communist Cambodia and stopped a terrible monster from ravaging the people who lived in those killing fields. They actually helped ease a major crisis in that part of the world according to all reasonable analysts.

Now both those nations have spent decades making reforms and working like mad to get into the WTO.

Some Dominoes.

What is interesting about that hisory, besides how psychotic Bush sounds, (much like Nixon did), is that the parts of the April 2006 NIE released contained the old Domino theory masked by reversal.

“Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves and be perceived to have failed,’’ the findings went on, “we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.’’

This is just changing the Dominoes so the background is white and the dots are black. If they win everyone around them collapses in a bow to their power, but if they lose then they and others will slink back to their holes.

Well, if the Domino theory had proven true in the past there might be something there, some reason to go on killing more and more Iraqis each week.

Even if Americans (including military officers) in Iraq and in our government know that the Iraqi government is corrupt, stealing from it's own people, and even allows death squads in their interior ministry and gives protection to Shiite militias while the latter are committing sectarian violence.

Even if most Iraqis want us to leave immediately

But we tested the Domino theory before, and upon losing we found that evil did not spread. Instead losing, and cutting and running allowed us to regain our economic strength and we eventually won the Cold War because of our economic strength in spite of and even because of the fact that we cut and ran from Vietnam.

Our major enemy the USSR "Stayed the Course" in Afghanistan. Yep, they were going to show how tough they were, make sure the world didn't mess with them in the future.

Instead they broke the back of their economy and lost the Cold War.

BTW, Democratic Congressionals in the great majority are not advocating leaving Iraq tomorrow, and running away. They want a more realistic appraisal of the situation there than Bush and the Republicans, do though, and want some kind of idea of when and how to extract ourselves from the area as most Iraqis would like us to do.

And, in fact, the Bush administration and the compliant Republican Congressionals will be ready to leave Iraq when one of two things happen: Bush gets into severe political danger like Nixon did, or it is time to invade Iran.

If one of those two conditions develops, it will not matter about terrorists in Iraq, or those who might want to kill us here.

(Heck there are thousands of Duane Morrison types, and others, that want to kill Americans. We don't have to wait for terrorists. What are we going to do? Should we all hunker down in plate metal boxes?).

The only thing that will matter is the Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld agenda that drives the Bush administration and how many of those rabidly loyal Republicans will still be in Congress next year when Bush wants to attack Iran (which we have shown before will lead to a "boots on the ground" total invasion requiring a draft).