/*PenDragn: Sunday Morning Political Funnies*/


Sunday Morning Political Funnies

Selection of some of the funniest Political Cartoons available at semi static locations (may disappear within a few weeks though). Lets see if I can make this a regular feature.

Gas Prices. **Link Fixed** Jeff Stahler Gets It. I hope you do too. (Okay, figure it out. Big Oil does not want you to vote Democratic this year, because Democrats will stop them from raising gasoline prices whenever they want and are unlikely to go grab Iranian oil fields for them.) (And prices will start going up again by mid November with major spikes by January if all goes according to their desires.)

Poor Popeye (by Stahler again)

Wipe that smirk off your face. The NSA is taking down the name of everyone who even dares to laugh at this one. (by Lalo --banned by the lame a**ed editor at the LA Times-- Alcaraz)

Why would you say that? (by Robert Ariail)

Our Heroes
. (by Tony Auth)

Bushies' "go to" guy
. (by Bill Day)

The Torture Chamber gets another victim. (by Mike Luckovich)

Bush is not the Devil (Luckovich again)

Dubya Was Right (Rob Rogers)

All the President's Toys (By Rob Rogers)

Sheriff Dubya goes after another terrorist abetter (By Ben Sargent)

Kids at Play (Sargent has it right about how the mainstream news played this)

Ahh yep. We have confirmation on that "Devil" sighting. Over.
(by Bill Schorr)

It's not your father's torture (Schorr again)

The Decider does his thing re: torture (By Ed Stein)

It's your duty but maybe not your priviledge (Stein again)