/*PenDragn: Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Fuels Terror*/


Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Fuels Terror

Excerpt Los Angeles Times:
The war in Iraq has made global terrorism worse by fanning Islamic radicalism and providing a training ground for lethal methods that are increasingly being exported to other countries, according to a sweeping assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies.

The classified document, which represents a consensus view of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, paints a considerably bleaker picture of the impact of the Iraq war than Bush administration or U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged publicly, according to officials familiar with the assessment.

They conclude that the Iraq war has made it worse," said a government official familiar with the document who spoke on condition of anonymity because of its classified nature.

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney repeatedly have described the war in Iraq as the central front in the war on terrorism and argue that Americans are safer as a result of the administration's policies.

The report, titled "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States," was completed and described to U.S. government officials in April but not made public. The document is what is known as a National Intelligence Estimate, or NIE, which is designed to represent the U.S. intelligence community's most comprehensive treatment of a subject.

In public testimony and unclassified documents, U.S. intelligence officials have for several years been pointing to the more troubling consequences of the drawn-out conflict in Iraq. In particular, officials have highlighted the anger that Muslim extremists feel about the U.S. presence in the region — which has also been one of Osama bin Laden's rallying cries.

Intelligence officials have also pointed to the flow of Muslims from other countries, including Europe, to Iraq to join the insurgency. Those who survive the fighting often leave and return to their home countries with dangerous new experience in urban fighting, bomb-making and — perhaps most important — credibility with other potential Muslim recruits.

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee warned in a report that the danger from terrorists faced by the U.S. was "more alarming than the threat that existed" before Sept. 11. The document also warned that Iraq had become a breeding ground for terrorists who might target other countries.

The April intelligence estimate was produced under the direction of David B. Low, the national intelligence officer for transnational threats. Its conclusions were first reported by the New York Times on its website on Saturday.

I like the clarity with which the Washington Post noted the following:
the battlefronts intelligence analysts depict are far more impenetrable and difficult, if not impossible, to combat with the standard tools of warfare.

Although intelligence officials agree that the United States has seriously damaged the leadership of al-Qaeda and disrupted its ability to plan and direct major operations, radical Islamic networks have spread and decentralized.

Many of the new cells, the NIE concludes, have no connection to any central structure and arose independently. The members of the cells communicate only among themselves and derive their inspiration, ideology and tactics from the more than 5,000 radical Islamic Web sites. They spread the message that the Iraq war is a Western attempt to conquer Islam by first occupying Iraq and establishing a permanent presence in the Middle East.

The April NIE, titled "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States," does not offer policy prescriptions.

"What these guys at NIC are supposed to do is to lay it out in very clear, understandable terms," said the intelligence official. "It's not the role of the NIC to offer recommendations." Rather, it "basically states the conditions" as the intelligence community sees them, he said.

The second page of the WP report shows why the April 2006 NIE should be more accurate than the 2002 NIE that warned that Saddam had stockpiles and was developing more WMDs.

As part of the intelligence reforms enacted in 2004, control of the NIC was transferred from the CIA director to Negroponte's newly created office, with a mandate to cast a wider net for information throughout the 16-agency intelligence community and among nongovernmental experts.
(Plus the Bushies may have forgotten to round up a bunch of lying jerks to feed to our intelligence agencies for this latest one, but will Rumsfeld have a group collected for the next one already in the works according to the Post. Rumsfeld has set himself up as quite a propaganda master.)

Another ominous message of this NIE that I noted in April when the papers were reporting on Hayden's speech on the War on Terror as noted in the reports, is that they focus on web communication.

And indeed, later in India, the government asked public ISPs to block certain bloggers, and instead those ISPs which most people in the nation must use blocked entire blogging sites. Eblogger and Typepad were two of the blogging hosts banned. I believe that MySpace was another. Terrorists at My Space? Who knew? One might want to consider moving from those blog sites if they want to make sure to reach people with what they have there. Most blog hosters that you pay for will let you export your blog, But you would have to be able to reach your blog to export it. Private ISPs like the ones restricted to larger or more profitable companies because they cost quite a bit of money each month, were able to access blogs and some lucky bloggers from India took to blogging from their offices from personal reports I read.

So, yes, they can just shut us down, and you know how Rumsfeld hates usbloggers anyway for fouling up his lovely propaganda campaigns.
In fact, remembering this I'm wondering why I came back to Eblogger now. I do know some (even free) hosters that were not included in the ban (though no one can give guarantees as to future ones in our nation).

Editor and Publisher Reports that the Neocons are screaming about "liberal press" (again? Ho hum!) and President Bush (turning into his mother) pooh poohs the death of a quarter million brown people by saying that one day the Iraq war will look like "just a comma."

Will the Republicans stop this uncaring man, ever???