/*PenDragn: Soon Every American Will Have Their Own Thought Handler Thanks to the Republican Party*/


Soon Every American Will Have Their Own Thought Handler Thanks to the Republican Party

You won't even have to think for yourself.

A "friendly voice" (if you like someone handing you lies and telling you what to think about issues) will be guiding into the correct way to see things and telling you facts that cannot be verified via normal means. Not only will the Republicans spew their lies in their ads and in the news, but you will get nice little calls with "information" just for you based on the fact that the Republicans know what you put on credit card in the last few months.

You ask me where they got that information? I have no idea, but they have it.

This article in the Los Angeles Times ("GOP Mines Data for Every Tiny Bloc") shows that they are actually getting information from your credit card company on what you've bought recently.

voters are identified from such diverse sources as credit card transactions...

Add this article in the Times ("Negative Ads a Positive in GOP Strategy") shows that the Republicans don't really care if the information they give people that they've data mined as to likes, dislikes etc is actually provable in court at any time, but especially 5 weeks before an election.

Now putting this together with this Washington Post article we find that yes, you will be contacted if you fall under their radar because you register Republican or Independent or for other reasons like attending churches who's records are scanned or meetings that might have Republicans collecting names from sign in lists, or even signing initiative petitions that are aimed at conservatives or independents.

There has been much information coming out in newspapers and other political sources that Republican data mining is actually as extensive as any the government has (which makes you wonder where they got all that information if not from their buddies in the federal government.) Read back in this blog. I've caught some of the reports here.

The Republicans in the Post article make it seem that they are only trying to get out the vote (so they can use big donations from fat cats, big businesses etc., but in fact they are using the donations to be able to spend millions of man hours being your Republicans Thought Police friend. Ring ring. Here they are calling now. Do you own a snowmobile (though they already know you do because they've seen your credit card records). Well, we have a nice lie for you over that.....

Put the dots together people and figure it out.

If we continue to just slide along in watching TV News instead of using our brain and at least reading a world class newspaper (Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times are the ones that worry Don Rumsfeld so I recommend them.) we are going to have a nice friendly member of the Republican thought police hanging out with us at our family meals, church services, etc.

Every year big business uses more and more money to re-elect Republicans as they now see that the GOP is even ready to invade multiple countries to get resources that fat cats want from them. And, next up, the GOP is already planning to put most of the tax burden on the middle class for doing those job for multinational companies.

We need to realize who the GOP is working for, because it isn't you and me.