/*PenDragn: Rhode Island's Loser Cries About Negative Advertising from National RNC*/


Rhode Island's Loser Cries About Negative Advertising from National RNC

The LA Times reports that Chafee

From CBS News report:
Later, at the Cafe Bon Ami in Cranston, Laffey lashed out at the White House and national Republicans for writing him off, and for the series of attack ads they put up over the past few weeks.

"Vicious. They're vicious," Laffey told CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger in front of a campaign RV emblazoned with his name. "They've run nothing but vicious, mean, personal character assassination ads that are bold lies."

Ha ha! We've noticed that before, Mr. Laffey. Thanks for adding your voice about what the RNC is like.

National Journal's Hotline credits the GOPs GOTV program but notes that in some states it is facing burnout:
The RNC 72-hour program has once again surpassed expecations. While there are sporadic reports that the RNC's vaunted GOTV program is running into burnout problems in states like OH, MO and PA (three states that saw the program first introduced in '04) wherever the RNC has introduced the program for the first time this cycle, they've seen results. From CA 50 to RI SEN, the RNC and the WH are probably getting cocky about their abilities to "save" elections. Does this mean in states like TN, CT and IN -- three places the RNC is implementing the 72-hour program for the first time, they'll see better than expected results?

More from Hotline:
Considering how successful the personal attacks on Laffey were in this primary, no doubt the GOP will be mimicking the tactic in other states. The Washington Post, over the weekend, hinted at this character strategy. It worked in RI. Will it work against Sherrod Brown, Claire McCaskill and Harold Ford Jr., the three Dems running in the three GOP Senate firewall states?

In this 72 hour program the GOP uses the data mined information they have on you according to an earlier LA Times article. Post on that is here. (The former link goes to post explaining the date mining. >>Here is a document dump from National Journal showing that the RI Republicans used the Voter Vault (mined data) for their GOTV effort << Link added to prove allegations

Today's Washington Post says:
Democrats believe [Chafee] compromised his general election chances by waging a negative campaign marked by pointed attack ads and by accepting such high-profile Republican Party help. The senator himself expressed regret last week that the tone of the campaign had turned nasty. But, he pointed out, "negative ads do work."

We'll see, Mr. Chafee.

An LA Times article has an example of the nasty negative advertising that the RNC used:
...national Republican groups worried about the party losing its hold on the Senate have sponsored anti-Laffey ads, such as the one that warns: "Mayor Steve Laffey accepts Mexican ID cards that can threaten our security. Will he put our security at risk in the Senate?"

another Times piece notes:
The GOP establishment made the Rhode Island race a high priority, pouring in consultants and more important, funds, to help Chafee turn back his upstart challenger.