/*PenDragn: Republicans in Congress crippled counterterrorism*/


Republicans in Congress crippled counterterrorism

Here's just a few ways in which the Republican control of Congress crippled Counterterrorism.

a) On page 105 or my copy of The 9/11 Commission Report it says that one of the causes of the terrorists successes pre 9/11 was:
In recent years, traditional review of the administration of programs and the implementation of laws has been replaced by a "focus on personal investigations, possible scandals, and issues designed to generate media attention."

Since this was re: pre 9/11 (though Curt Weldon's recently debunked "Able Danger" charade fits into the pattern very well too and possibly the commission writers were thinking of that as well) can we imagine who the members of Congress that were focusing on "personal" investigations were? Maybe those who were having Louis Freeh's agents investigate incredible amounts of spurious personal charges against the sitting president that used up over 70 million taxpaper dollars and up to 200 FBI agents ar any one time. Don't you think that might qualify? The Congressional Republicans created hundreds of ever increasing claims such as the idea that Bill Clinton was a rapist (and yes, as usual they had their bribed witness), and that Bill Clinton was a mass murderer that were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt except in the minds of the Fox News zombies and those who believe them to be patently untrue.

Other problems in the Clinton era:

b) George Tenet was less than qualified to run the CIA.

George Tenet was not Bill Clinton's pick for the job when it opened up. Anthony Lake, Clinton's NSC chief was.

George Tenet was chosen by the Republicans in control of the Senate as the only man they would vote into office.

Again it was the Republican control of Congress that hampered counterterrorism.

C)Louis Freeh was an incompetent a**.

He had worked impressively in New York and Clinton chose him for that reason, but he was one of those people who stop working and start grandstanding and collecting power when they get in to the spotlight. Clinton was ready to ditch the man in 1995, but something had changed by then.

We had a Republican controlled Congress who wanted to investigate the president and bring him down. So they made a deal with Louis Freeh. Freeh knew that a president being investigated by the FBI would not dare remove him or end up like Dick Nixon.

So he and the Republican controlled Congress cooked up ever more incredible allegations and used FBI resources to continually investigate the president (this, of course ties in with what the 9/11 commission found). Interestingly most news sources ignored the statement from the bipartisan 9/11 commission as too damaging to Republicans. (Well they are all owned by big businesses and fat cats aren't they? We are lucky that hungry reporters tend to go out and get news and newspapers hungry for material print it up before Rove can get to them and warn them or we might never hear anything.)

In fact, it turns out that the group that Clinton put together overcame those incredible obsticals and kept us safe from many attacks

Here's a good list of the attacks Clinton protected us from and the steps he took to do so.

But still with all the things that the Republicans in control of Congress did to cripple counterterrorism directly and by result of their scandalmongering it is a miracle that we did not suffer an attack on our homeland or airplanes during the Clinton administration.

And the head of that miracle team was Richard A. Clarke who had a cabinet level position and an incredible group working under him in the Counterterrorism Interagency Working Group.

Now look what happens right after Condi gets into the NSC position:

From National Secrurity Presidential Directive of Feb 13, 2001:

The existing system of Interagency Working Groups is abolished.

Excuse me? Ms. Condi just destroyed the one group still capable of keeping Americans safe. She demoted Richard Clarke to a small time functionary that she nor anyone else in the White House would listen to.

In addition the 9/11 transcripts brought out the fact (not reported in the book) that
the Bush administration had only a shell of real counterterrorism in place before the summer of 2001 after Rice gutted what was left over from the Clinton administration and in fact destroyed the miracle team that Clarke had built up.

I have to admit that alongside of Condi's very lame assertions, the AP article in the Washtington Post actually brings out some very important facts:
Rice took exception to Clinton's statement that he "left a comprehensive anti-terror strategy" for incoming officials when he left office.

"We were not left a comprehensive strategy to fight al-Qaida," she told the newspaper, which is owned by News Corp., which also owns Fox News Channel.

Actually Condi was left it, but she destroyed it as you can see via that paper dated February 13, 2001 that I excerpted above. So she wasn't left much of any counterterrorism strategy or group after she fired Richard Clarke from the cabinet level position, but it was because of her own decision. Again Condi is staying just at one side of a lie.

The right wing spin, and lies machine is one thing, but if mainstream news resists the tendency to get sucked into and start repeating only the right wing line then Americans have a chance to avoid the designs on invading Iran that the Bush administration has.