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RE: Senators Defying Bush's Terror Measure (II) Remember:This is still Pre-election

Two more points:
1) Good post by The Seventh Sense on this. He points up the fact that the JAG lawyers (aka senior "Pentagon uniformed lawyers") disliked Bush's measure so badly, that after serious arm twisting (I think I heard them screaming on racks, Tony) all the could offer was that they did "not object" though the Bush administration is dancing around saying they got approval from the lawyers. (Only SS says it better and the he or she has webcams on his blog.)


2.I know what's been bugging me about that great stand against Bush's desire to change the current terror measure in the Senate.

I don't doubt that John McCain and a few others really do intend to stand against the president. But with some of the others you have to wonder if they will suddenly find renewed loyalty with after the election. Like the Republicans did over CAFTA, and the Bankruptcy bill.
Americans have shown the Republicans that they will happily forget the last time they played the rebel game before the election, only to stab them in the back afterwards.

In fact, the whole rebellion and Bush administration frustration seems a little too stage managed.

Maybe, as the Washington Post says:
With virtually all Senate Democrats likely to back McCain, he appears to have enough Republican support -- for now, at least -- to fend off amendments on the Senate floor and to block passage of the House version if it emerges from a conference committee.

Still, as the Post notes it's not likely that the measure will pass before the Congress breaks for electioneering.

Even if McCain and others who stand up for McCain's version on this issue continue to fight for it after the election and get it passed before the election or afterwards... without more Democrats who will stand firmly behind it, apparently McCain's version will never override it's veto. (They need 2/3rds of House and Senate to oveturn a presidential rejection.)

So the answer is a) More Democrats in both chambers of Congress.

Problem solved.