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RE: Iraqi Parties Reach Deal Postponing Federalism

I read a report on this earlier, but couldn't figure out if this was good or not.
Excerpt of the Reuters report:
Iraqi political parties agreed on Sunday to delay the formation of any new autonomous federal regions for at least 18 months, putting aside an issue that has fuelled sectarian violence, parliamentary officials said.

"An agreement has been reached by all the political parties," an aide to Shi'ite deputy parliament speaker Khaled al-Attiya told Reuters.

"They agreed to hold the first reading of the bill on federal regions on Tuesday, but will not be able to implement it until 18 months after parliament approves it," he added.

He also said a committee would be formed on Monday to start reviewing possible amendments to the constitution -- a key demand of the Sunni minority.

Shi'ite and Sunni politicians confirmed the deal but some said they still had reservations on the proposed draft that will be given to parliament on Tuesday.

"We don't think this 18 month time-frame will do much to treat the problem, we need to agree on what the bill will say," said Hasan al-Shimmari, a spokesman for the small Shi'ite party, Fadhila.

I guess it's what the Sunni's wanted to stop the giveaway of the big oil fields to Shiites in the South, but it might not stop much violence.

It won't do much to stop Shiite violence, definitely, but one of the major concerns of the Sunnis, that of being left oilless has been dealt with.

The Post puts it much more clearly.
Sunni Arabs had threatened to boycott parliament over a proposal, introduced by a Shiite Muslim group this month, to create a mechanism that could carve out a predominantly Shiite region in southern Iraq, similar to the semiautonomous Kurdish zone in the north. Sunnis adamantly oppose that plan, which would leave them with a central area devoid of the oil reserves in other regions, and have pushed for a full review of the country's new constitution.

Under the compromise reached Sunday, parliament will form a 27-member committee on Monday to review the constitution and then introduce the Shiite measure on creating federal regions the following day, lawmakers said.

The federalism law would not take effect for at least 18 months after it is enacted, the parliament members said.

Still this will not do anything about the Shia in official Iraqi uniforms killing Sunnis that they claim they are taking in for interrogation. This is just one stipe... okay two steps in the direction of the Iraqi government proving it is worthy of American troop protection, though they still have a long way to go.

The other day the Iraq Study Group gave reporters only one clue to their findings over how to win this war. (The rest comes out after the election according to the co chairs.)

James Baker III and Lee Hamilton said that the Iraqi government needs to prove to the US that it's worthy of the tremendous effort. Of course, for Bush and his cohorts the oil makes it worth it, and I'm sure Karl Rove will supply Baker and Hamilton the right words for their final report. The troops have to stay there until it's time to slide on into Iran and 'slice' off those big oil fields next to Iraq's southern region.

If the Republicans are returned to the control of House and Senate, why not? Obviously, we the electorate will have proven ourselves too stupid to worry about anymore. Let the Draft begin!