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Pastor says 'Stop trying to Christianize America'

The two things the Rev. Jan G. Linn was taught not to talk about are the two things he loves to talk about most: religion and politics.

So, of course, they are the topics of an address he'll deliver in Yakima on Sunday night.

Linn, a nationally known author and self-avowed liberal Christian evangelical minister, will be in town this weekend to talk about separation of church and state at a Sunday night dinner at the Harman Center. His talk is sponsored by the 14th Legislative District Democrats.

"The line between church and state needs to be firm," the 61-year-old said in a Friday morning cell phone interview en route to Yakima. "The blurring of the distinction between church and state is detrimental to both church and state."

"I think there's a myth about America being a Christian nation," he said. "It doesn't serve Christianity or the nation to perpetuate that myth."

Sunday morning, Linn is scheduled to preach at Wesley United Methodist Church, followed by a discussion of his latest book, "What's Right with the Religious Left," published earlier this year.

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