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My My What a lot of news

The John McCain Charade

I have to say I agree with the editorialist here after seeing the political game McCain played over detainee rights.
WATCH OUT for this fellow, John McCain. He manages to be both the anti-Bush within the Republican Party, and also Bush's enabler. This schizophrenic role, which his bipartisan fans somehow miss, happens to position McCain perfectly for 2008 as the guy untarnished by all the bad stuff Bush brought us, but who continues the same regime.
Read rest at source (link above under title).

Mark Foley Caught With Live Boy

You know the old saying: The only way he could lose this race is to be caught with a dead woman or live boy.

I don't care about Mr. Foley's sexual orientation. The fact was that he was targeting underage teens is the main factor.

And apparently he was warned many months ago about such conduct, the young man contacted his own representative who got the word (eventually) to John Shimkus [R-Ill.] head of the House Page Board. Shimkus to Foley to cut off contact with the young man. Too bad neither Shimkus nor Foley had the brains to realize the warning signs. (Also, note that Republican leaders knew about this a while ago and covered it up.)

Apparently the young man also told the St Petersburg Times last year, which held back the news until now.

You can read the above facts and more at link above.

The New York Times says there were other pages contacted by emails and IMs to one of whom Foley expressed a desire to slip off his t-shirt and shorts.

ABC News said it had read him [Rep. Foley] other messages that were far more graphic. Within hours, Mr. Foley resigned in a one-sentence letter to Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida. He left the Capitol without answering questions.

New York Daily News from Woodward's Book: Bush Cried When Told He'd Won 2004 election.
I kid you not. Like a freaking beauty queen the president cried and hugged people in the room when told he 'won' the election.

Dueling radio talks:

"Five years after the 9/11 attacks, some people in Washington still do not understand the nature of the enemy. The only way to protect our citizens at home is to go on the offense against the enemy across the world."

(I think the USSR tried that one too, Mr. President. Look where they aren't now.)

Tammy Duckworth:
"Anyone who challenges our failed policies, or suggests the need for a new strategy, is accused of 'cutting and running,'" Duckworth said. "Well, I didn't cut and run, Mr. President. Like so many others, I proudly fought and sacrificed. ... And I believe the brave men and women who are serving in Iraq today, their families and the American people deserve more than the same empty slogans and political name-calling."

Legislating Violations of the Constitution
Do you think you know the ways that the Republican controlled Congress chopped some of your rights out of the constitution this week? But wait there's more. The House voted to whack off some more of the separation of church and state. .