/*PenDragn: Most Iraqi Troops are "No Shows" in Baghdad*/


Most Iraqi Troops are "No Shows" in Baghdad

Excerpts from and comments on LA Times article:
Only a quarter of the Iraqi army forces that had been designated more than a month ago to work on security improvements in the capital have arrived, a sign of continuing problems with the Iraqi government's ability to command and move its troops.
But wait! The Republicans have been assuring us that the new Iraqi military was a major success. They wouldn't lie about something like that would they? WOULD THEY?
U.S. Army Maj. Gen. James Thurman, who is in charge of military forces in Baghdad, said Friday that he had requested 4,000 additional Iraqi troops to help secure Baghdad and had received only 1,000 of them.

"Some of these battalions, when they were formed, were formed regionally," Thurman said in a video news conference with reporters at the Pentagon. "And some of the soldiers, due to the distance, did not want to travel into Baghdad."

Thurman's comments came on a day of continued violence in the country, including the execution-style slayings of nine Sunni Arabs dragged from a wedding dinner east of Baghdad by armed men who reportedly were wearing Iraqi uniforms.

"Three civilian cars and one minibus came to our house with armed men wearing Iraqi army uniforms," the groom's father, Mohammed Dulaimi, 61, told police. "They raided the house and asked to take some of the guests for routine investigations."

Police later found the bodies of nine wedding guests on Baghdad's outskirts. Each had been shot several times.