/*PenDragn: Morning Quick News Saturday September 23, 2006*/


Morning Quick News Saturday September 23, 2006

Oops, failed to notice it's afternoon. Saturday chores came first. (BTW, one can't change the title of a blogger post without destroying the link to it.)

Evangelicals Notice They're Being Used by Republicans

Of course the Republicans rollover for the Bush administration and then lie about it. They've gotten the word from Karl Rove that this is all they have to do to win in November. They really need to cut the umbilical cord with the Bush White House. When will we see that happen? Read: GOP Upbeat on Terror-Trial Bill and then read the posts I have here on the deal.

The White House "Won" On Detainee Abuse , Editorialists Agree

Republicans Ready to Cave on Bush Administration Desire for Torture

Congress passed a national ID act? I thought Republicans hated that idea.

The administration threatens to bomb them back to the stone age, then threatens to invade their country and now Bush wants to make nice and gain cooperation from Pakistan. Of course, we need that, but the bullying way he goes about this can't be for the best.
Here's a mainstream report verifying the fact that a few weeks ago Bush did threaten to invade Pakistan, though apparently the administration is completely denying that they threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age. (And if they did, they say that it was just Armitage again. He's their Homer Simpson, I guess. Doh!)

I have moved my comments about the supposed or not death of bin Laden to it's own post. If you are looking at only one post click on title at top of page (when it turns gold) to see the rest of it.