/*PenDragn: Morning News and Thoughts September 22, 2006*/


Morning News and Thoughts September 22, 2006

Once Again Krauthammer Spews His Thoughts
Why does this guy get paid for repeating lame overused right wing hate?

You can get the same thing sitting next to a drunk in a bar.

Even if you agree with Krauthammer, you have to admit he can't change reality with his nasty personality. What is, is. And the more you whack the hornets nest, the more they're going to sting you, and -- well er -- us too. Those who must stand behind these warmongering leaders (at least in the eyes of Muslims. The Pope has already gotten one nun killed. Our president has gotten 2600+ Americans killed.

EJ. Dionne: Good News for Republicans?

Americans falling for Bush and Cheney's Booga Booga?

Think about this. Which is More Likely to Get you or a Loved One Killed.
  • A terrorist attack on US soil
  • A draft after an invasion of Iran gets stuck in an even worse quagmire that Republican Congressionals will let Bush get us into.
Even if you chose the second selection you should realize that Bush's actions are just asking for a terrorist attack. Well, it worked well to boost the Republicans vote numbers last time, so why should they want to stop the next big one? There are too many stupid, bigotted, and hate filled Americans and the Republicans are the party of hate and bigotry.

Bali bombers 'request beheading'

Three Indonesian militants facing execution for the 2002 Bali bombings want to be beheaded rather than killed by firing squad, their lawyer has said.

The three - Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra - are expected to include the request in an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Their lawyer, Muhammad Mahendradatta, said beheading was a more humane form of punishment than firing squad.

Their execution was postponed last month to allow for a final appeal.

"Our clients would seek to have a more humane capital punishment. It should be done in accordance with Islamic law, which is by beheading," Muhammad Mahendradatta told the Associated Press news agency.

He said death by firing squad was inhumane because the men would suffer for at least two minutes before dying, which he called "torture".

However Indonesian law insists capital punishment be carried out by a firing squad.

Hmm and what about the torture by needle method of execution we practice here in the US?

Why the Firebrands Get Heard

Because the US has lost its moral standing in the world.

Well said Mr. Robinson.

LA Times: Commanders warn that maintaining Iraq troop levels could cause lasting damage to the services unless an increase in forces is allowed.

Thank goodness, Bush had the Selective Service run tests showing he could call a draft within 75 days a couple of years ago. The Congressional Republicans will need that after they allow Bush to take US troops from Iraq to grab Iranian oil fields nearby.

As prospects fade for U.S. force reductions in Iraq, Army and Marine commanders have been stepping up their warnings that the pace of troop deployments is increasingly straining the military and threatening to cause long-term damage.

According to Pentagon officials, senior officers in the Army and Marine Corps in recent weeks have begun warning that without a reduction in Iraq, the present schedule of combat tours would be difficult to sustain without an increase in the number of forces.

Army officials had been counting on a gradual drawdown in Iraq starting later this year and accelerating over the following 12 months.

But the rising violence in Baghdad forced the Pentagon to shelve those plans at the end of July, and Army Gen. John P. Abizaid, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, acknowledged publicly Tuesday that force levels would remain around the current 145,000 through spring.

One senior Pentagon official involved in long-term planning said the concerns had reached such a level that top Army leaders broached the issue of changing deployment rules to allow for more frequent call-ups of National Guard and Reserve units to relieve pressure on the active duty Army.

Because the Army relied heavily on the Guard and Reserve early in the war, many units have hit legal deployment limits, which allow for two years overseas out of every five. But without a change in those rules to allow more frequent Guard deployments, the Army would be forced to consider a push for an expansion of its active duty force, which stands at 504,000, the official said.