/*PenDragn: More Details Emerge of How Iraqi Government is Acting Like a New Version of Saddam*/


More Details Emerge of How Iraqi Government is Acting Like a New Version of Saddam

Who's laughing now? Saddam gloats: Look it took hundreds of corrupt politicians to replace me!

Excerpt New York Times article "Military Officials Add to U.S. Criticism of Iraq’s Government":
Senior American military officials are warning that time is growing short for Iraq to root out militias inside and outside the government and purge ministries of corrupt officials who are diverting large sums of money to their own political parties.

“We are now at a time when we have a little bit of influence there,” a senior military official said. Referring to the problem of militias, he added, “There is going to come a time when I would argue we are going to have to force this issue.”

The official said political parties who were plundering ministries were squandering chances to make progress that could reduce sectarian violence.

“I can tell you in every single ministry how they are using that ministry to fill the coffers of the political parties,” the official said. .

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I don't know what the senior military official actually means by "forcing the issue", but the Iraq Study Group also mentioned that the Iraqi government does not seem worthy of the amount of effort the US is investing in their nation.

That happened with South Vietnam. President Kennedy had a solution to that.

Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to implement it and the Lyndon, "stay the course", Johnson took over.

I wrote about President's Kennedy's solution in this post.