/*PenDragn: Liquid Fertilizers Could be Source of E Coli on Spinach.*/


Liquid Fertilizers Could be Source of E Coli on Spinach.

Found that tidbit in the Washington Post article link below under slightly brighter printing

The FDA will not point the finger at any farm, distributor, or store.
"Based on what we know, we advise consumers that they not eat bagged fresh spinach at this time," Acheson told reporters during a telephone news conference last night.

E. coli resides in cattle intestines and could have infected the spinach through applications of liquified fertilizer (that I assume are manure and urine, collected by the beef and dairy industry. Yes, raw sewage from cattle is being sprayed on your spinach.)

My family eats a lot of this kind of greens and spinach has become the favorite for it's taste and digestibility.

Would washing the plant material help? That's not what the FDA says. The FDA says just don't eat it.

Seems to me that they could pasturize the liquid fertilizer to prevent something like this. Sure it would be more expensive, but the loss the farmers involved are seeing now and the human cost seems a lot worse.