/*PenDragn: Irrigation Water to Blame in E Coli Outbreak?*/


Irrigation Water to Blame in E Coli Outbreak?

That would fit a pattern if we can believe the federal government on anything these days.

(I've been reading an article this morning in which CBS mentions the "f" word in relation to this outbreak. I will have to wait until after work to finish and make quality post about it. I will tie into a report that shows what farm worker life has been reduced to, now that it is dominated by 'guest workers' and illegal aliens.)

From Mercury news:
Well contamination in Salinas Valley and elsewhere has been blamed for at least two other major outbreaks of disease due to produce contamination. In one of these cases, the well had not been shielded at the surface. The cause of bad well water was not identified in the second case.

In a third major outbreak, investigators found that lettuce fields had been flooded by water contaminated by cattle grazing in an adjacent field.

Underscoring the sensitivity of the investigations, Natural Selection Foods announced that early investigations have not found E. coli contamination in its organic spinach at this time. But the FDA quickly warned that it has not reached a final conclusion and said the investigation into both traditional and organic farming practices is ongoing.

Natural Selection Foods had said that because federal and state officials found manufacturing codes from spinach related to illnesses that didn't match those of the company's organic salads, those products were no longer suspected, but they are continuing the recall.

Read rest of long report at: Farm water is suspected in outbreak