/*PenDragn: ...the invasion and occupation of Iraq had become a “cause célèbre” for jihadists*/


...the invasion and occupation of Iraq had become a “cause célèbre” for jihadists

That sentence came word for word from the NIE that the president said the news media was misrepresenting.

No, actually that sounds just like what the 'liberal press' said, Mr. President, but like in 2002 that kind of talk is banned in the press before elections.

Excerpt New York Times article:
The report, a comprehensive assessment of terrorism produced in April by American intelligence agencies, said the invasion and occupation of Iraq had become a “cause célèbre” for jihadists. It identified the jihad in Iraq as one of four underlying factors fueling the spread of the Islamic radicalism, along with entrenched grievances, the slow pace of reform and pervasive anti-American sentiment.

And the president made statements yesterday that virtually promise more invasions.

“My judgment is: The only way to protect this country is to stay on the offense.”

Yeah, because Iraq turned out so well. Funny, that "invasion as defense" was Hitler's philosohy. In fact, at Nuremburg the Nazi officials revealed that their aggression was in fact a defense against socialism.

We need to either validate the Nuremburg trials now or throw out all they stood for and say that, in fact, there is no truth and no basic measure of good and evil in this world. The strong and the victorious do indeed decide what was the right thing to do. Then we can sink back into the cesspool of a violent new dark age, though this one might have xboxes, etc. for the dominant society's masses and fancy cars for the 'wealthy'.

We must admit that the intelligence assessment also says:
that if jihadists who leave Iraq perceive themselves, or are perceived by others, to have failed, fewer fighters will be inspired to keep fighting.

That's rather like what they said of Vietnam. You know all those dominoes that were going to turn communist if Vietnam fell as Dick Nixon told us. We're fighting most of those dominoes now in the business world as they try to out capitalist us. And Vietnam is dying to get into the WTO!

All because we lost. We ran away and saved our strength, unlike the USSR in Afghanistan which "stayed the course" and wore down their strength.

In fact, you could say that running away helped us win the cold war.

I guess if you love war so much this could be a quite unpleasant fact. As Senator John Warner said, (paraphrased due to memory constraints) -- anti democratic leaders like war because it keeps the minds of their people off what is being taken from them at home.

Yeah, we should think about that when Bush keeps talking about remaining eternally on the offense.

With Iraq we just got a knee cap broken. Iran though has a real army and real weapons. What does it matter if you get to ride your snowmobile all over the forest (a Republican cause in Michigan) if your child comes home in a box?

You won't be celebrating electing Republicans when you or your loved ones and friends are drafted to be sent away in Bush's quest for glory thanks to his subservient Republicans in Congress.

The Washington Post report says that the NIE was available to legislators in April but ... wait ... some mysterious snafu kept it from the House members of the intelligence, armed forces, and foreign affairs committees. My my, an important intellligence document with embarassing conclusions in it disappeared for 5 months. This in the most technilogically advance nation in the world.

BTW, I think the common people of the United States have a right to information too. We are the ones who need to make up our minds before November.

And how about that snippy little speech Bush gave yesterday? I was looking for the cheese and crackers. He made Clinton sound like the former president was having a tea party with his biased buddy Chris Wallace.

In another article at the Post Michael Fletcher analyses the NIE.

Shows that the NIE also concluded:
terrorists with experience constructing roadside bombs and other deadly devices in Iraq "are a potential source" of leadership in attacks elsewhere

and of Bush's press conference:
"My judgment is, if we weren't in Iraq, they'd find some other excuse, because they have ambitions," Bush said. "They kill in order to achieve their objectives."

Hey, that's just like our neocons. Kill kill kill! Grab that empire! Resources, markets, cheap labor! Anything our big business buddies want.