/*PenDragn: Inquiry slows giving to Islamic charity*/


Inquiry slows giving to Islamic charity

I'm sure this plays well with the GOP's racist base.
Excerpt AP article at Seattle PI:

Just as the holy month Ramadan, which began Saturday, has many Muslims thinking about their religious obligation to give alms, the investigation of the prominent Islamic aid group (Life for Relief and Development) has prompted fears that giving to charity could bring scrutiny from the government.

FBI agents assigned to a terrorism task force last Monday searched Life's offices, taking computer servers, donor records and other financial documents. They have also searched the homes of the charity's chief executive, an ex-employee and two board members.

"After hearing this, I don't feel secure at all," said Mahfuz, a computer consultant and editor of a Bangladeshi community newspaper. He said he would still consider supporting the organization, but the investigation would force him to weigh that decision carefully.

No charges have been brought in the case, and Life has sought to reassure the community that it is perfectly legal to donate money to the organization, which was founded in 1992 by Iraqi immigrants.