/*PenDragn: I Love it When Krauthammer Thinks*/


I Love it When Krauthammer Thinks

As opposed to when he's just passing on right wing talking points.

His column "Everybody's Jewish" got me thinking.

Well, as much as I am desperate to get some more verifiable ethnicity going, sorry Mr. K. I can't join those everybodies. I just can't find it in my blood lines anywhere. (It took me long enough to find the NA that was written in our family faces. Long story. We were disowned round the turn of the 20th century because great grandma ran away with her son and married a rich guy.)

But, foolish me, I had only read the top statements when I started thinking for myself.

Mr. Krauthammer means that everybody who matters has Jewish relations somewhere.

But he does that in an understandable way.

It is because of centuries of discrimination and persecution.

And from then on unfortunately, Mr. Krauthammer only focuses on the famous and the Jewish which is a shame, though also understandable since his "job" was to help repair and boost Senator George Allen's image. He is a neocon after all.

Lets talk about "discrimination and persecution" in a more general way, though.

There have been other people more recently discriminated against and persecuted in our nation through our dealings in the world.

And yet when they start winning we whiteys (well, in my case whitey-NA) start chattering in our beers that they're getting some kinds of unfair advantages, steroids, affirmative action, or money.

This works for Asians, Jewish people, Hispanics, and Blacks in our eyes.

In fact though, it is the very discrimination we've doled out to them. From the centuries we enslaved and then persecuted the blacks and Mexicans (through illegal immigration and earlier types of guest worker programs) to the wars we raised unnecessarily at East Asians that taught these people the only way out is to over achieve.

What is often hilarious, is that the white guys or gals moaning about the unfair advantages minorities might have often consider themselves evangelical Christians and the answer is right there in the Bible. In Proverbs as a matter of fact.

One of the verses says: (paraphrased) "If you persecute a people you will make them strong." People is used as opposed to person to indicate a group.

There's the answer. Now our nation does its best to extract everything from our minorities and it just makes them tougher. And now we are putting the Muslims under heavy persecution. Well, guess what happens then.

Rich and Powerful America needs to get a clue as the middle class that they think can be drained of resources to boost their own wealth and status and control is going to wake up one day and turn on them (politically mind you, not violently).

So Bush and his neocon buddies are telling Big Oil not to fret even though it will be many years before they can start draining the Iraqi oil fields. We now have something cooking so we can go in and grab some of the richest of Iran's fields to tide them by. All we need to do is to tap the middle class for troops and more money. (Yeah, that's "tap" as one does to a maple tree with a sharp metal object connected to a tube which funnels the vital juices out.)

Those who are working to support the neocons to get more wealth and power for themselves, really had better step easy, because they are making a lot of people strong. Strong enough to think for themselves finally. Then, well, it has actually started to happen, hopefully, so let's just enjoy the ride.

Maybe next time, fellow Christians, we can go into Bush's tax cuts and how Proverbs promises that they will weaken and impoverish the nation. I bet your pastor and Bible study leaders don't go into that lesson very often.