/*PenDragn: House Passes Bill to Require Proof of Citizenship to vote*/


House Passes Bill to Require Proof of Citizenship to vote

Hidden in the Technology section and in such small print on the front of the web site that the report hasn't even hit the most read list in the slow technology section an hour and a half later.

That though this is one of the most important actions the House could take this year.

It should outrage true conservatives, too.

BTW, the whole voter identification should be nationalized if they do this.

Too many Republicans vote in more than one state as it is.

(But, don't think about that trick this year, people. If the Democrats take control of either House or Senate there is likely to be investigations of registering in multiple states and other voter and election machine fraud.)

But what can you expect from the party of dirty tricks?

The legislation passed on a largely party-line vote of 228-196

Read rest at the Washington Post (Link above under green or salmon print)