/*PenDragn: George Allen's Gropies Emerge*/


George Allen's Gropies Emerge

Gropies first crawled out from the woodworks in the 2003 California Recall campaign.

After Arnold Schwarzenegger was exposed as a serial groper (a person who forces unwanted groping on another) many of his groupies started wearing T shirts asking the gubenatorial candidate to grope them so gropies. Ergo, anyone who would demean themselves to play politics so absurdly is a "gropie".

One of George Allens' gropies, Dan Cragg, says he had an interview with Webb in the eighties in which the candidate described riding around the Watts area of Los Angeles pointing (fake) guns out the window and yelling racial epithets.

But even weirder is that Cragg had a transcript of the interview in which the candidate told him, but that part must have slipped out becaues it isn't there anymore. I believe I've found Dan Cragg in Wikipedia as a sometimes science fiction writer. I guess it must have been aliens that zapped those words right out of the transcript.

Webb replied correctly to Cragg's allegations that such an action would most likely lead to death. I've lived in the Los Angeles area for over 50 years. Let me assure you of that. I guess Dan Cragg thinks people in Watts were some kind of pussy cats you could scare. They weren't, they aren't, and they never will be.

And then there are spurious allegations by women of some vague harassment.

What is funny is that this whole gambit is so pathetic.

On the other hand allegations of racially charged language and actions from George Allen are picking up steam.

On Monday, a college football teammate, Ken Shelton, said Allen used the N-word referring to black people. He also said that he, Allen and Billy Lanahan, another teammate, once cut the head off of a deer and, at Allen's urging, stuffed the head into a black person's mailbox.

Lanahan is dead. But his former roommate came forward Wednesday to say that he recalls Lanahan telling him the story without mentioning that the mailbox was a black person's.

"He told me they went hunting," said George Beam, 53, who lives in Charlottesville. "All he said was we cut the deer head off and stuck it in somebody's mailbox."