/*PenDragn: E Coli Not Found in Bags of Spinach*/


E Coli Not Found in Bags of Spinach

So much for the Zeitgeist News Service.

What do you know about the spinach E Coli crisis?

Don't eat raw spinach. Throw it away and any greens that contain the same.

So far so good maybe. It might not be the spinach at all.

But you've probably also heard that a California Natural Foods company Natural Selections, but the FDA now admits, as reported by the Los Angeles Times:
Since last week, Natural Selection has been the primary focus of the investigation into the source of the outbreak, because many of those sickened apparently ate its packaged spinach. However E. coli has not been found in the company's bags of spinach, and health officials have said others could be implicated.

Wow, the idea that they could be wrong after causing a company and the state of California hundreds of millions of dollars loss....

Across the Salinas Valley, the heart of spinach country, farmers are increasingly anxious. California produces nearly three-quarters of the nation's spinach.

Dale Huss, vice president of production at Ocean Mist, which does not grow for Natural Selection, was among the few spinach growers willing to speak openly about his plight.

At an Ocean Mist field in Castroville on Sunday, Huss pulled up a fistful of spinach leaves and took a bite.

"Nothing wrong with it," he said, chewing slowly. "Gorgeous, really. It's good."

Huss expects that in the next few days, he will dig up this 20-acre expanse, an $80,000 investment.

"We can't wait. We'll essentially have to put a disk in this," Huss said, referring to a machine that will chop the spinach and turn it back into the soil. "We can't hold on."

Huss may wait a few days, hoping against hope that the scare will pass, but time is against him. Within a week, the spinach will get long and dog-eared, and then start to yellow.

"We're running up against Mother Nature," Huss said.

He doubts he could sell his crop for freezing, since that market probably is inundated, he said

This is as terrible for the American diet as that horrid carb-bottomed food triangle.

And yeah, in essence, I'm saying that what if the current E. coli outbreak isn't due to that California hippy company at all.

Well, Enron and other energy suppiers ripped us off for billions in 2000-2001, and Scwarzenegger has take no action against any of the companies that helped and joined Enron in doing it. So go figure it out if Mr. Body Builder will stand up for the people of California or not on this.