/*PenDragn: Dueling ads. Is Steele a Lying Puppy?*/


Dueling ads. Is Steele a Lying Puppy?

In a Washington Post article of dueling ads one part says:

Steele says he wants to legalize the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, while Cardin voted against such a measure in Congress. He points out that Cardin has raised campaign cash from special interests, including pharmaceutical companies. Steele goes on to say that he would ban lawmakers from accepting gifts from lobbyists -- although he doesn't address campaign contributions.

"Want more of the same? I'm not your candidate," Steele says. "But if you're ready for change, then I'm your man."

Oren Shur, a spokesman for Cardin, called the assertions in the ad "blatantly hypocritical," noting that the Ehrlich administration did nothing to support Democratic efforts to import Canadian drugs and that Steele has taken gifts from lobbyists.

Both Cardin and Steele have raised campaign money from drug companies and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from political action committees. Steele's fundraising efforts have also been helped by "Team Steele," a group of lobbyists assigned to bundle PAC contributions.

The important point is that Steele acts like his hands are clean of money from pharmaceuticals. That would be basically a lie given the history of his campaigns. And that makes a person wonder in what other ways Mr. Steele is lying.

Oops, I think someone's puppy just pee'd on his shoes.