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Bush: The Most Important Job Is to Protect the Homeland...

Funny, but in the Oath of office Bush didn't promise to protect the "Homeland".

He promised to protect the constitution.

Isn't that weird? Now we find that the constitution can go to h***, but every inch of 'der vaderland' must be protected at all costs.

Washington Post report on Thursdays has the best report on the subject I've seen It is important to read both pages (link under orange print below).

The sleaze coming from the Bush administration is breathtaking.

The Washington Posts article is the best of the ones I read for really explaining the behind the scenes manipulation of the government's supposedly unbiased advisers. And does a good quick once over the basic facts.

The NYT piece mirrored at IHT and the LAT article have quotes by Democrats. The Post piece was so well done though that there doesn't seem to be such a lack. If you want minutae on the process read these reports too. And I mean in addition to the Post, because I don't get the feel of the harassment of the military lawyers in these articles as I got from the Post. Read both pages of the Post article and you have the feel of just about everything if not every detail.)

The New York Sun (right wing paper) plays up the dueling letters from former SOS Colin Powell and from current SOS Condi Rice. (If you put that report together with the Post's you see that Powell got one letter and Condi got a letter and face time. As is typical the neocons again get more than two to one influence over Republican Congressionals. Now you know why Republican leadership of Congress is a mistake at the very least under the neocon Bush administration.) BTW, while at the 'Sun' I am looking at a flashing banner ad saying "Send Kofi Anna a Message" which switches to "Stop Iran From Getting the Nuclear Bomb" and urges you to sign a petition. Click on it to get your information into the GOP datamining system. Or is this an even more extreme neocon group gathering their own set of data?

And is anyone else as sick as I am of Tony Snow telling us what we think? It is a rude and slimy trick and is like being mentally battered when he tells us what we think and then makes fun of us.