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Blogger help: How to separate your Previous Posts list for Readability

Are you frustrated because your Recent Posts list runs together making it harder to read?

You can change that.

It's not much harder that adding to your link list (and I'm trying to figure out a javascript that will make that easier for Ebloggers too).

Look to the right and see how my "Previous Posts" each have a blank line between each.

Okay, to make that blank line insert itself between each link go to your administrative area and chose "Settings" then chose "Template" In the Template go down to where the sidebar things are. You probably have to head there to add to your link list anyway.

Keep going until you see a tag for a title named "Previous Posts" or whatever your template names it. Then just beyond that, you will see an line like this part of an unnumbered list (or ul):

You just slip in a break tag after the end of the line or:

Ignore any line breaks within the code. They are due to wrapping in the blogger page itself because of size limitations. You don't need to do that in the template. Though it won't matter if you do, because the Template only recognizes the break tags and other code line changers anyway.

Then save your "Template" and republish and people can see your Previous Posts as separate items, not a mash of words. I wish Eblogger would go ahead and make a tag for all posts not just previous ones.

Check back every few days. I'm trying to figure out how we can add to our Links area without going into the "Template" each time (that's why mine are still unfilled).