/*PenDragn: Benedict Lords it Over Muslim Envoys.*/


Benedict Lords it Over Muslim Envoys.

Gee, couldn't he have made an effort to treat them as equals?

How obtuse is the man?

Excerpt BBC report:
n the space of just half an hour, the pontiff made a brief speech to envoys before greeting them individually, but there was no general discussion.

Muslim leaders had been demanding an unequivocal apology from the Pope for his words.


In a BBC interview, the ambassador of Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation, pointed out that the Pope had not referred directly to the speech which sparked the controversy.

"We had hoped that there would have been a dialogue, but that was not the case," Bambang Prayitno said.

"There was no dialogue between the Pope and the guests... In general, we were actually a bit surprised that the meeting was a short one and just like that."

The amount of money and effort these teams took to get to Rome and Poof. Well, now I told you and even shook your hands, now go on your way and behave...