/*PenDragn: Allegations of Racism from College Years Made About Senator Allen*/


Allegations of Racism from College Years Made About Senator Allen

In an interview with The Washington Post on Sunday night, Shelton reiterated that Allen frequently used the "N word" and he also recounted an episode in 1973 or 1974 in which he and Allen and a third friend shot a deer while hunting. Shelton said Allen cut the deer's head off, asked directions to the home of the nearest black person, and shoved the head into that person's oversized mailbox.

"I have no doubt George was a racist in the early 1970s," said Shelton, who described himself as a former Democrat who is now registered as an independent. "I couldn't care less if George was a Democrat or a Republican. He shouldn't be in public office."

Allen, of course uses the Rovian categorical denial.

Like the senator has been so truthful to date.

Another lie that this article exposes is the idea that it is working class people who become racists. Here is a wealthy and priviledged son of a famous football coach with serious problems. Too bad there isn't a clinic he can check into.

It is people like Senator Allen that the Republicans' Southern Strategy gave comfort and support to when racism was on the ropes and on its way out in our nation.

With the gimic the Republican party gained millions of faithful voters which they then took advantage of to install the big business agenda.

But it also revived racism and hate as a major life outlook until today the Republicans can count on hate to fuel an entire empire built by killing hundreds of thousands of people in a nation that did not threaten us. American middle class people have even been voting to break their own families finances by national debt increases just to be able to pay for a massive war machine being used in Iraq.

And it all started because Tricky Dick realized that the Republicans could use racism to increase their voter base. But, of course, Tricky Dick is dead now.

The racism is carried on by other Republicans who sit in offices of power because bigots put them there.