/*PenDragn: Abramhoff White House Contacts= 485? Don't you believe it says White House Spokeswoman, or else!*/


Abramhoff White House Contacts= 485? Don't you believe it says White House Spokeswoman, or else!

Susan Schmidt who should be credited with breaking the Abramoff scandal is unsure about what over 400 alleged contacts with the White House mean.

After all White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, told the press that the emails and other evidence was just hearsay so, now we don't know what to think, apparently, until the White House tells us, what the ultimate truth is. (Why didn't Dick Nixon's team think of that gambit?)

I must say Susan Schmidt is doing an excellent job of making sure that evidence in front of her eyes does not keep her from maintaining strict journalistic balance.

Here's something from a slightly less balanced source (one that won't wait to be told "What is truth?" by the White House): Email: Rove Killed Interior Nomination [at Abramhoff's Request]. This is interesting seeing that the one person that Ms. Schmidt was able to prove did accept gift tickets from the lobbyist was Susan Ralston, a top aide to Karl Rove.

BTW, do your own muckraking here. Could even the smart people at TPM have gotten it all?

Most reports put the White House line that this is all hearsay up on top of their report. As mentioned before location is everything in report, in newspapers, etc.

But AP report at ABC notes:

Learning that Rove would appear at Abramoff's restaurant, the lobbyist wrote, "I want him to be given a very nice bottle of wine and have Joseph whisper in his ear (only he should hear) that Abramoff wanted him to have this wine on the house."

There is also a note about an email exchange with Ralston on NCAA basketball tournament tickets that Abramoff got for Rove (immediately next to Abramoff's seats for that game). Ralston wrote back that Rove would insist on paying for the tickets, but that alleged payment for the tickets, of course, is just "hearsay".

The New York Times Report adds things up, but remember the White House Spokewoman has told you not to believe this. You can only believe what they tell you to believe.

So maybe it's better you don't go to the Times article. You'll start to believe things you aren't allowed to believe and maybe even having a chuckle or two over Republican candidates and then you'll end up as an enemy combatant without Habeas Corpus.

(Or why don't we tell Dana, I wanna be the next Condi Rice, Perino where to stick her hearsay claims?)